Not Just Another Swim Spa!

Introducing the Aquatic Training Vessels™, or ATV™s from Marquis®. Our patent pending ATV™s elevate your swim spa experience and are personal workout and health products for your daily life. In an ATV™, swim strokes, leg kicks, resistance movements, and low-impact range of motion exercises are all options for your active efforts and healthy life. They can also just be a place to kick back and float away stress or laugh and play with the kids. An ATV™ is a true action vessel for your whole family to enjoy all year-round.

The innovative bowed sidelines to the ATV™ are more stylized than a typical swim spa box of water. They allow for a more spacious swim and workout space than comparable rectangular swim spas. Whether your body position is horizontal while swimming, vertical during aerobic exercise, or seated in resistance/strength workouts, the vessel area accommodates greater space for mobility and workout freedom without kicking or banging into walls. The true four foot (122 cm) water depth allows for a more extensive full torso range of exercises when immersed in the water. The open, level floor area is lightly textured for more stable footing during aerobic workouts.

Swim Spa Training with Dave Scott

Dave Scott is a 6-time Ironman™ World Champion and the First Inductee to the Ironman™ Hall of Fame. More than that, Dave has spent a lifetime helping people achieve their fitness goals through providing:

  • Clinics/Seminars
  • Camps
  • One-on-One with Dave
  • Fitness & Nutrition Consultations
  • Training Groups
  • Events

Dave has teamed up with Marquis™ and is developing training programs for all skill levels and ages to promote health and fitness for all people, fitness levels and goals. Marquis is excited to have Dave as a partner for our venture into this important category of aquatic training that can provide much needed help to athletes, aspiring athletes and people that just want to add a fitness regimen to their lives.

See the video in the gallery to meet Dave!

Swim Spas

ATV-14™ Swim Spa

ATV-14™ Swim Spa

168.5” x 89.5” x 56”
ATV-17™ Swim Spa

ATV-17™ Swim Spa

204" x 89.5” x 61”