How to Use a Hot Tub to Improve Your Life

How to Use a Hot Tub to Improve Your Life

A Quick Guide to Use Your Hot Tub to Improve Your Life

Ok, so you have found the perfect hot tub, had it installed, and are ready to relax. Now what?

A new hot tub offers several ways to improve the quality of your life, bringing a bit of luxury and an inviting escape to your own backyard. You’ll love the improvements in your health and wellness, social and romantic relationships, and the relaxation that your spa provides.

Of course it’s not that challenging to jump in and enjoy. However, there are a few things to consider that will help you make the most of your spa investment. Years of happy spa ownership start by focusing on the things your hot tub does best and making this a part of your everyday.

Using a Hot Tub

Improve Your Health

Some may think of a spa as just a way to relax and others look at it as a way to simply have a little fun. But did you know that there are many significant health benefits to owning and using your spa? Studies show that hot tubs and spas can help you prevent illness, relieve harmful stress, and encourage you to live an overall healthier lifestyle.

If you actively participate in vigorous exercise or sports, you may find that your hot tub can help you improve performance, recover, and reach your healthy fitness goals. Soaking in warm water, especially the day after a hard workout, is shown to reduce muscle soreness and speed up your recovery. The hydrotherapy features of your spa, like specifically targeted JetPaks, can give you the appropriate massage to loosen stiff muscles and reduce long term swelling. Get the same technology and treatment used by sports medicine practitioners, right in your own backyard.

Use your hot tub the day after a hard workout. Use it with a targeted JetPak massage in the evenings just before bed to loosen tight muscles and help you sleep.

If you’re not able to do high-intensity exercises like jogging, weight lifting, or cross training but you’re still looking to transition into a healthier lifestyle, your hot tub can still help you reach your fitness goals. There are many low-impact exercises that can be performed right in your spa. Many spa owners practice hot tub yoga, moderate calisthenics, water aerobics, and even Pilates right in the spa. These exercises are a great way to increase your flexibility and range of motion, all while enjoying the relaxation of the warm water. If you suffer from arthritis, muscle and joint pain, back pain, or just general aches and pains, these exercises can support your treatment goals while providing all-natural pain relief.

Use your hot tub for low impact exercises like yoga, calisthenics, or even water aerobics.

Beyond the fitness and exercise benefits, using your hot tub also provides several passive benefits for your health and wellness. Studies show that regular hot water hydrotherapy can be a great way to reduce insomnia, stress, and anxiety. Soaking in warm water before bed is a great way to relieve stress, improve your mood, and regulate your autonomic nervous system helping you to feel better and fall asleep more easily.

Use your hot tub to improve your sleep and your overall well being.

The benefits of a hot tub for your nervous system and mental health are still being uncovered through ongoing research at the National Aquatics and Sports Medicine Institute. Some of the early studies indicate that using your spa in your backyard can help you slow down, connect to your surroundings, and feel more peace and tranquility in your life.

Use your hot tub to feel more balanced and at peace in your surroundings.

Improve Social and Romantic Relationships

Hot tubs offer a great way to build both your social and romantic relationships. The shared experience of relaxing in warm water is perfect for getting you and your significant other on the same page. The quiet time and ease of conversation is just what many couples need. In addition, as you find yourself experiencing greater peace and relaxation in your life by way of your new spa, it is very common for you to also find that the relationships in all aspects of your life are rejuvenated and improved. Plan regular hot tub time with your spouse or special someone in the evenings. Improve this time with subtle spa lighting and soothing sounds from the spa audio system.

Use your spa to improve your romantic relationships.

Having a hot tub in your own backyard is a great way to become the most popular person in your neighborhood. If you enjoy being the life of the party, you’ll love being the go-to host for summer BBQs, get togethers, and hot tub parties. Invest in the premium audio system with outward facing yard speakers to transform your yard into the ultimate party place.

Use your hot tub for epic parties with friends and neighbors.

If you’re a parent, you will love using your spa to spend quality time together as a family. The relaxing atmosphere of a hot tub is perfect for conversations and catching up after a busy day at work, school and extracurrcular activities. Everyone from children to grandparents can enjoy the benefits of a hot tub, whether it’s used together as a family, for some alone time for mom and dad or to keep the kids at home and out of trouble.

Use your spa to provide quality time as a family.

Escape and Relax

Owning your own spa is one of the easiest ways to create your own personal oasis for escape and relaxation. A little escape and alone time now and then not only improves your health and relationships, but it can also help you reconnect with yourself and your priorities. Making time for yourself through a regular soak in the hot tub can help you clear your mind and renew your energy.

Use your spa to escape and center your thoughts.

To truly make your hot tub a backyard retreat, focus on creating a relaxing mood and atmosphere. Adding privacy screens or shrubbery, mood lighting, relaxing music, and beautiful landscaping can truly transform your spa into an oasis. Aromatherapy and meditation can also help you achieve the rejuvenation and relaxation you’re looking for.

Use your spa to create a relaxing oasis right at home.

As you begin to enjoy the lifestyle of spa ownership, make the most out of your investment by building a healthy lifestyle, stronger relationships, and a lifelong habit of relaxatio